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Idaho High School Graduation Requirements

Compare your coursework plan to Idaho’s high school graduation requirements to ensure you’re on the right track.

High School Graduation Minimum Requirements

This is a general summary of Idaho’s High School Graduation Requirements. Please make sure to review the current State requirements and check with your school district for additional requirements. Also, note the date of State graduation requirements, like the Senior Project due date and Civics Exam.

State requirements include that all students:

  • Earn the minimum number of credits required from core subjects and electives
    • Earn credits in math
    • Earn credits in science
    • Earn credits in Language Arts/Communications
    • Earn credits in Social Studies
    • Earn credits in Humanities
    • Earn credits in Health/Wellness
    • Earn credits from elective courses
  • Complete a Senior Project
  • Complete a Government and Civics Proficiency Exam


Core Subject Areas


Language Arts Including English and Speech or Communications
Mathematics The math courses must include Algebra I and Geometry
Science Sciences such as Applied Sciences, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science; Some credits must be earned through laboratory courses 
Social Studies Including US History, Economics, and American Government
Humanities Including Interdisciplinary Humanities, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language
Health Including CPR


Elective courses as determined by the school district

Additional Requirements


Senior Project Senior Projects are required to include a written report and an oral presentation by the end of grade 12, with guidelines set at the district level. May be multi-year group or independent project. Must include elements of research and experiential learning or integrated projects.
Civics Test All secondary students must demonstrate that they have met the state civics and government standard by successfully completing the civics test or alternate path. Successful completion of this requirement must be reflected on the student’s transcript.
District Requirements The local school district or LEA may establish graduation requirements beyond the state minimum.


Advanced Opportunities

Districts must offer at least one Advanced Opportunity such as Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, Tech Prep, or International Baccalaureate. For more info on Advanced Opportunities, visit:


Physical Education

High schools are required to provide instructional offerings in Physical Education (fitness) that meet the Physical Education Content Standards.


Diploma Types