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Your student’s path to graduation and a fulfilling career will be filled with surprises, challenges, and opportunities. Discover the tools and information (including grade-level checklists) you’ll need to help your student in planning, prioritizing, and ultimately taking that leap into life after high school.

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Learn more about Idaho's single, centralized, online application, which can be submitted—at no cost—to all of Idaho's public colleges and universities and some private schools.
Each September, high school seniors receive a notification from the Idaho State Board of Education that they've been accepted to college. This direct admissions message tells students which Idaho colleges they have been accepted to, based on their grades and SAT/ACT scores.
Each grade-level landing page offers downloadable checklists with an overview of key milestones, tips, and to-dos to keep students on the right track toward graduation, college, and career.
Your student will almost certainly need your help in accessing financial aid to pay for school, starting with filling out the FAFSA form. Learn about the different types of aid available, how to find scholarships for Idaho students and more.
These handy guides offer an overview of the most important things students should start thinking about before they talk with their counselors and teachers.
Some of the most popular Next Steps Idaho resources are translated into Spanish! Use these grade-level checklists and conversation guides to help plan for the future.
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Life Costs Money. But How Much Do You Need?

Explore the lifestyle you want, find the careers and jobs that can support that lifestyle, and get the training you might need for those careers.
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Careers That Fit You

Take this quick quiz that's all about you, your interests, and your strengths. The results will reveal careers you may want to consider based on who you are and what you want to be next.

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