Idaho Campus Choice

With Idaho Campus Choice, going to college is easier than you think.


Get on the Fast Track to college in Idaho.

With Idaho Campus Choice, every Idaho high school senior is notified in the fall that upon graduation they’re guaranteed acceptance to specific state-funded colleges in Idaho. Once notified, all a student needs to do is complete an application at Apply Idaho, which opens the door to each of their listed colleges.

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Idaho Campus Choice makes getting into an Idaho college easy.


We make it easy by guaranteeing your acceptance to select state-funded colleges in Idaho.


We serve up the right Idaho colleges for you to apply to based on your academic standing.


You are accepted to the Idaho college(s) of your choice faster than the traditional application route.

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You have real opportunities in front of you.

  • Talk with trusted adults about the schools you feel are the best fit for you. Learn how to Find the Right College for you and explore the schools included in your letter.
  • Share your letter with your career counselor and ask them to help you identify at least one safety school, one reach school, and one match school.

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Idaho’s colleges have chosen you. Now it’s your turn to choose them.

Explore your options  and chose the campus that is right for you.

Idaho Colleges

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Apply Idaho

Ready to claim your spot at one of Idaho's public colleges?

Idaho Colleges want you.

Board Policy IIIQ – Direct Admissions

In 2015, Idaho’s Public College Presidents and State Board members embarked on a first-of-its-kind admissions policy – admitting ALL Idaho high-school graduates. They wanted every high school senior to know they were college material and to remove all the stress from the admissions process.

As a result, Board Policy IIIQ – Direct Admissions was established. According to the policy, a Board-approved benchmark determines a student’s admission eligibility. (See ID SBOE policy 3Q.)

Each fall, ALL in-state high school seniors are notified of their proactive acceptance and encouraged to research the academic and technical programs offered at Idaho community colleges and universities.

Interested students MUST complete an admission application to the institution(s) of their choice by June 30.  Applications are free when students use Apply Idaho.