Next Steps Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this website?
The website is produced and maintained by the Idaho State Board of Education, in partnership with Idaho’s employers and the Idaho Workforce Development Council.

Who is this website for?
A broad spectrum of Idahoans. We offer information, resources, and tools for middle school and high school students, young workers, mid-career professionals, transitioning service members, adults returning to college, and people who have simply come to a crossroads in their lives, looking to make a change, an upgrade, a leap forward, or a leap into a completely different pond. Anyone trying to figure out what to do next, what they might be good at, how their interests, strengths, and values correspond to certain careers, or which job or career might make them happy (or happier) will find tools and information to help them get more training and education or that dream job (or both).

Where does the information come from? How can I know it’s accurate and up to date?
Numerous career and education experts employed by different state agencies (including the Idaho State Board of Education, the Idaho Workforce Development Council, and the Idaho Department of Labor) directly contribute to, curate, and review the resources, information, and tools to ensure that site users are getting the most accurate and current information. In addition, employees of Idaho’s colleges and universities provide much of the information pertaining to higher education. We also consult with college and career counselors and people across the state who are working to help more Idahoans become career-ready and gainfully employed.  

Is there anyone I can talk to?
Throughout the site, we recommend people whom you can speak to who specialize in providing support and guidance as you make education, training, and career decisions (e.g. high school counselors, teachers, college admissions staff, apprenticeship coordinators).  Next Steps Idaho is eager to connect you to answers, resources, and your own potential. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can contact us using the information found on the Contact Us page.