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Scholarships, grants, loans and a variety of other options are available to help pay for your program. Dive into the costs of training and education and explore financial aid opportunities you may qualify for.

Work Study

Work study allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package (typically 10-15 hours per week).

To qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program or the State of Idaho Work-Study program you must complete the FAFSA and indicate that you are interested in work programs on your FAFSA. Work study includes jobs that align with your education program (such as a biology major working as a lab assistant) and jobs that provide money but aren’t related to your field of study (such as working as a barista). The money that you earn in your Work Study position will be given directly to you and you can choose to use the income to pay for your education expenses.

Scholarship Databases

State-managed scholarships available through a common application

Scholarship Idaho is a single, common application for seven state-managed scholarships and grants. Eligibility is determined in real-time and backed by school-reported data. Learn more at