Lewis-Clark State College


Lewis-Clark State College invites you to DO MORE through an education experience that emphasizes hands-on learning, small class sizes, faculty excellence, student-faculty interaction, and success after graduation.

Located in Lewiston, Idaho, LC State’s warm and friendly campus provides a unique and safe learning environment, surrounded by the beauty of the LC Valley. While paying the lowest tuition among Idaho’s public four-year institutions, students choose from over 130 degrees and certificates including two- and four-year degrees in both academic and career and technical education fields.

LC State is Idaho’s school of choice for students looking for a private school experience at a public school price.



I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

The Admissions Office; 208-792-2378; admissions@lcsc.edu; www.lcsc.edu/admissions

Dual Credit Transcripts; I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

The Registrar’s Office; 208-792-2223; registrar@lcsc.edu; www.lcsc.edu/registrar/transcripts

Will a college entrance exam be required for the 2020-2021 incoming freshman applicants? If so, what exams will be accepted?

College entrance exams will not be required for admissions purposes but will be required for class registration and course placement. LC State will accept either the ACT, SAT, or the combination of the ALEKS Math Placement Exam and LC Writing Placement Exam.

What Grade Point Average (GPA) is required for admittance?

2.0 cumulative GPA

How do I apply if I have a GED?

You can apply online by visiting www.lcsc.edu/admissions/apply where you will select the type of applicant you are and fill out the online application, or you can apply using our paper application. You will need to submit your GED scores.

What are the dates/deadlines to submit my application?

Fall semester application deadline: August 8

Priority deadline for financial aid Fall semester: March 1

Spring semester application deadline: January 8

Will I need to take any examinations for class placement? If so, how do I do that?

Academic Students: If students have not taken an ACT or SAT they can take the ALEKS math placement exam and Writing Placement Exam.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Students: CTE students will need to take the ALEKS math placement exam and Writing Placement Exam for class placement if they did not submit an ACT or SAT.

Transfer Students: If you have fewer than 14 transferable semester credits or you have not taken college-level math and English you will need to submit your ACT or SAT scores (if you are under 21 years old and pursuing an academic program) or take the ALEKS math placement exam and Writing Placement Exam (if over 21 years old).

Contact the Testing Center to set up your ALEKS and Writing Placement exams at testing@lcsc.edu or 208-792-2100.

How (and where) do I send my transcript to your school?

You can have your transcripts emailed to admissions@lcsc.edu or you can mail them to: The Admissions Office 500 8th Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501.

How do I request my dual credit transcript?

You will need to contact the Registrar’s Office at 208-792-2223 or registrar@lcsc.edu or visit www.lcsc.edu/registrar/transcripts to order your transcripts online.

If you have taken dual credit through another college or university you will need to contact them and request your transcripts be sent to us. You can have your transcripts emailed to admissions@lcsc.edu or you can mail them to: The Admissions Office 500 8th Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501.

What is the cost of each official transcript, and how do I pay for my transcript?

Online: $10.00 – Via the National Student Clearinghouse. Payable by credit card.

Standard Paper: $10 – Payable by cash, credit card, check, or money order to LCSC. Processed within 5 business days. (Pick-up times M-Th 9:00-4:00)

Rush and Fax: $25 – Processed within 24 hours. Only processed on demand prior to 11 a.m. Check with the college/organization to determine if they will accept a faxed transcript as official. Express: $35 – Delivered overnight. Only processed on demand prior to 11 a.m. International

Express: $50 – Delivered overnight. Only processed on demand prior to 11 a.m.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

You will receive notification of your admission status via mail as soon as we have received all admissions documents from you. We will also be communicating with you via email, so be sure to check your email regularly.

Does your institution require 6th- or 7th-semester high school transcripts?  If so, when do they need to be received?

7th-semester for scholarship purposes and LC State needs it by their March 1 priority deadline.  LC State will also need a final transcript once the student graduates for full admission.

When does your institution require an official college transcript for classes taken as dual credit?

At the end of the college semester once final grades are posted. An official college transcript needs to be received before financial aid will be disbursed.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Coronavirus Hotline: 208-792-2002

Email: coronavirus@lcsc.edu

Where is this information on your website?

LCSC COVID-19 Updates

I want to stay in the know. Where can I find your institution’s response regarding public health and safety on social media?   

Admissions Instagram
Admissions Facebook
Lewis-Clark State College Facebook
Lewis-Clark State College Instagram

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

The Financial Aid Office; 208-792-2224; finaid@lcsc.edu; www.lcsc.edu/financialaid

Where can I find more information about financial aid at this school, including scholarships and how to apply?

Financial Aid: https://www.lcsc.edu/financialaid/

Scholarship Information: https://www.lcsc.edu/financialaid/scholarships-and-waivers/

What are your institution’s scholarship deadlines and award dates?       

Our Priority Deadline for Fall semester is March 1.

The General Scholarship Application is also due March 1.

Transfer student scholarships are due by June 15 for the Fall semester and December 15 for the Spring semester.

Am I eligible for scholarships if I miss the priority deadline?

You can submit a petition to the Financial Aid director if you have missed the priority deadline for merit-based scholarships. The application for additional scholarships is also March 1 and the application for those scholarships must be submitted on or before March 1. The deadlines for transfer scholarships is June 15 for the Fall semester and December 15 for the Spring semester.

Am I eligible for scholarships if I do not complete the FAFSA application before your priority deadline?  

You will need to have your FAFSA application submitted by March 1 in order to be considered for scholarships with a need-based component.

Is an official high school transcript required to apply for your institutional scholarships?  

LC State needs a copy of the student’s 7th-semester transcript on file.  Transcripts can be uploaded to the student’s Be a Warrior account, faxed, e-mailed or mailed to the Admissions Office.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?     

The Admissions Office; 208-792-2378; admissions@lcsc.edu; www.lcsc.edu/visit-campus

Are you holding any virtual tours or events for incoming students?

Where can I find that information? Information about in-person and virtual events can be found at https://www.lcsc.edu/visit-campus/

Where can students explore your curriculum and course offerings?

Students can look through each degree program by visiting https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/ and also explore course options at www.lcsc.edu/warriorweb

I want to learn more. Where can I find your institution on social media?

Admissions Instagram
Admissions Facebook
Lewis-Clark State College Facebook
Lewis-Clark State College Instagram 

Can I visit your campus in person?    



I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Advising Center
phone: (208) 792-2313
email: tac@lcsc.edu
visit: https://www.lcsc.edu/advising/

How will incoming freshmen register for classes?

New students can register for classes by signing up for a STAR session. Due to current health concerns, STAR sessions are being conducted over the phone. During your STAR session, a trained advisor will assist you with registration, provide you with information, and answer any questions you may have without having to come to campus. To schedule a time that works best for you, follow this link: https://www.lcsc.edu/advising-center/new-students-star/

Once signed up, continue to check your personal and LC Mail student email account for confirmation and pre-advising checklist. For questions about STAR, sign up over the phone, or chat with an advisor, please call the Advising Center at (208) 792-2313.

**You must be admitted to sign-up for a STAR. If you have questions about your admissions status, contact the Admissions Office at (208) 792-2378.

If my plans to start school this fall change, will I receive a refund for any deposits I have made?

Please contact the Admissions Office at any time if your plans to attend LC State in the fall may change, or for any questions or concerns you may have email admissions@lcsc.edu or by phone at (208) 792-2378.

Is student orientation required? If so, how will it be delivered and when?

Yes. LC State’s New Student Orientation will be held on August 21st. LC State is currently planning for the traditional in-person event, but will have a contingency plan in place depending on the most updated COVID-19 information at the time. Information and updates will be sent to students as we near the event/date. Please call the Admissions Office at (208) 792-2378 for more information.

Will classes be held on campus this fall?

LC State will continue to remain vigilant with the changes and current situations with the COVID-19 pandemic and the governor’s orders. We will be preparing for normal classes, but be ready to move virtual if needed. Follow LC State updates regarding COVID-19 at https://www.lcsc.edu/communications/coronavirus.

Will there be summer classes? If so, will they be online or in-person?

Summer classes are still being held and students can register for their classes. As of now, LC State is planning for normal classes that will include both in-person and online, but preparing to remain completely virtual if needed.

Does your institution allow deferments?


In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, if a student opted to go to a school closer to home for the first semester or year, can they still use their deferment next year?

Yes, but if students attend a different institution, we will consider them transfers and ask for any additional documents.

Where can information on requesting a deferment be found on your website?

Information can be found on this website: www.lcsc.edu/admissions/already-admitted. However, I’m having issues with one of the tables. Information will be there this week.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?     

Residence Life; 208-792-2053; reslife@lcsc.edu; www.lcsc.edu/residence-life/home

What are the housing application deadlines for the Winter and Spring 2020-2021 semesters; as well as all deadlines attached to the 2021-2022 academic year? 

There are no housing application deadlines, however, we do suggest that you apply for housing as soon as you decide you are attending LC State. The housing application for Spring 2021 and the application for the 2021-2022 academic year are both available November 1.

When do I need to select a food plan?  

Meal plans can be changed during the first week of the semester. After the first week of the semester all meal plans are locked in and can only be upgraded/increased. Changes to your meal plan must be made in writing.

Where can I learn more about fraternity and sorority groups associated with your institution’s student body?

There is a chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha‚ Latin Sorority Inc. on LC State’s campus however, we do not offer traditional fraternity or sorority living communities.

How does housing on your campus look different, at least short term, given heightened health concerns and mandates?

Residence hall capacities have been adjusted, and consistent with local health department recommendations, quarantine spaces created in case they are needed. Prior to and upon arrival, students will be screened and those reporting or evidencing high-risk responses to screening questions will be connected with and directed to local health providers for follow-up as needed. These individuals will be instructed to self-isolate while awaiting test results or until a 14-day quarantine period has passed. Residence hall rooms and campus rentals will be supplied with signs/guidance reminding students to remain in their rooms if they have symptoms of illness and to call Student Health Services or Public Health to determine if they should be tested for coronavirus based on their symptoms.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Workforce Training
(208) 792-2388
Email: wft@lcsc.edu

Career & Technical Education
(208) 792-2225

Where can I find information about your CTE or Work-based learning opportunities?

Students can explore courses for our CTE certificate and degree programs using this link, www.lcsc.edu/warriorweb or this link, https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/.

Information about our workforce training can be found here, https://www.lcsc.edu/workforce-training/.

I need a job in 12 months or less, where do I start?

You can explore options through Workforce Training at https://www.lcsc.edu/workforce-training/ and contact them at (208) 792-2388 to speak with them about their options. We also have some certificates that take about one year to complete, you can learn more about them on our degree page, https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/.

Are there any specific-to-your-institution scholarships or financial resources for students enrolling in a workforce training program?

You can contact Workforce Training at (208) 792-2388 for information on scholarships or financial resources available to students interested in workforce training programs.