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How to Decide What to Do After High School

Determining your future is a lifelong journey that will ultimately take you to places (and jobs) you may have a hard time imagining today. Vast opportunities await you, so consider and investigate a multitude of options as you do your research. There are people out there who have been in your shoes and can help. The decisions are yours to make!

Use All the Tools

The college and career readiness tools found on this site can help you to find answers to these important questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? Additional resources offer easy-to-understand explanations of academic, financial, and workforce processes.

Don’t forget to breathe. Considering your life after high school can feel overwhelming at times. Trust your gut instinct. Follow the subjects and job descriptions that play to your interests. Most important, know that this is just one of many crossroads. Making a decision now does not mean your entire life will follow that trajectory, forever. You are in control and you can always choose to pursue something new if the path you are on doesn’t unfold as you had hoped.

Learn About Yourself

Quizzes can be a great jumping-off point to help you focus on what you love to do. The interactive activities listed below even suggest occupations based on your answers. Start exploring!

Try it out: Interest & Value Quizzes


Plan for School

Search over 4,300 schools (in Idaho and beyond) to find the perfect match for you. Explore everything that four-year colleges, technical programs, and vocational schools have to offer. Compare details or take a tour!

Try it out: Explore Education, Idaho Colleges Directory


Pay for School

Learn about all of your options including loans, grants, and scholarships. Search over $8 billion in national and Idaho-based scholarships that match your unique criteria.

Try it out: Scholarship Opportunities, Finance Your Education


Explore Careers

Filter through hundreds of occupations. Understand what you need to know to get your dream job, where the jobs are, and how much money you can expect to make.

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Find a Job

Watch videos and find resources to help you get a job.

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