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Skills out of date? Ready to get to work sooner rather than later? Need to make more money? Change careers? Start a career? Secure a promotion? Whether you want to gain a new skill, attain a certificate, or learn online, in a classroom, or on the job, training opportunities await you.

Master new skills through online classes, hands-on technical training, apprenticeships, ROTC or military enlistment, and loads of other programs designed to meld classwork with real work.

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Training Basics

More Training = More Opportunity

Employers want to know what you can do; training credentials help answer that question for them. But what training should you get? Part of that depends on your career goals and how different credentials can help you access different professions or job advancement within your current profession. Use Next Steps Idaho to discover and better understand the different types of training and credentials available. You can also learn a lot about the training you may wish to pursue by talking with people doing the career or job you’re interested in. What training did they get? What credentials do they look for when hiring?

Training possibilities are abundant, diverse, and often incredibly useful. They can range from two hours to two years (or more), free to low-cost to thousands of dollars, and can result in certificates, certifications, licenses, degrees, badges, micro-credentials, and more. A college degree can often lead to greater earnings over your lifetime but non-degree credentials can also have a significant impact on earnings, professional mobility, and job satisfaction. High school grads, for example, can receive wages that are 20 percent higher with a certificate.

Overwhelmed? That’s understandable. But take heart: never before have knowledge, skill-training, and job-based learning opportunities been so widely accessible through such a diverse array of formal and informal learning opportunities. In a rapidly changing economy, the advantage will go to lifelong learners—those with a broad and ever-growing set of skills and competencies.

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Idaho Launch

Idaho's Career & Training Landscape

Idaho is regarded nationally as a great place to live and work, and with our growth comes new and expanding opportunities. Idaho Launch can help you to understand what's happening in your region of the state—job openings, in-demand careers, growth industries, training opportunities at the regional workforce training centers and beyond, and even info on how you might be able to pay or get help paying for such training.
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Get Expert Advice

Finding, changing, or advancing your career can come with a lot of questions. Luckily, there are professionals trained to help you plan for your future career path. Explore resources and connect with a career advisor to help find answers to your questions.
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Ready to Level Up Your Skills?

Idaho’s Workforce Training Centers offer skill- or industry-specific training to help you learn new skills or sharpen existing ones as you prepare to launch or advance your career. Check out the many opportunities for training and advancement.

Credential, Certification, License, Degree: What do I need?

What does it mean?

Certifications, licenses, and degrees are all types of credentials that recognize educational achievement or the demonstration of a certain skill. Earning a credential can help you get a job or take your career to the next level.

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