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Career Technical Education Advanced Opportunities

What are CTE Advanced Opportunities?

CTE Advanced Opportunities allow you to receive college credit for the skills you gain in high school career & technical education classes. These credits are affordable, and can save you thousands of dollars in tuition.

Types of CTE Advanced Opportunities:

  1. DUAL CREDIT Catalogued College Course $75 per credit • Fees paid at time of registration • Credit earned simultaneously at high school and college Fast Forward eligible
  2. TECHNICAL COMPETENCY CREDIT (TCC) Competency Based $10 per credit • Fees paid when student chooses to purchase credits within 2 years • Postsecondary credit awarded at time of purchase NOT Fast Forward eligible

Getting Started:

Reach out to the transition coordinator at technical college you are interested in attending. Transition Coordinators jobs are centered around helping CTE students successfully navigate the transition to college.