Advanced Opportunities

The Advanced Opportunities program provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125 to use towards Advanced Opportunities in grades 7-12.  These funds can be used for: Overload Courses An overload course is a high school level course that is taken in excess of the student’s regular school day. These courses are […]

Early Graduation Scholarship

Early Graduation Scholarships are available for students who graduate at least one full year early. These scholarships are equal to 35% of the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for a given school year. This equates to roughly $1,500.  Scholarships can be used at Idaho public post-secondary institutions. The awarded amount will double for students who graduate two years early and will triple for students who graduate three years early. If a student elects not to attend a college or university immediately after high school, they will have up to 28 months to utilize the scholarship before it expires.

Career Technical Education Advanced Opportunities

What are CTE Advanced Opportunities? CTE Advanced Opportunities allow you to receive college credit for the skills you gain in high school career & technical education classes. These credits are affordable, and can save you thousands of dollars in tuition. Types of CTE Advanced Opportunities: DUAL CREDIT Catalogued College Course $75 per credit • Fees […]

Idaho Digital Learning Academy

The Idaho Digital Learning Academy is a state-sponsored, accredited, online school created to provide students with greater access to a wide variety of courses taught by highly qualified faculty. Their goal is to provide choice, accessibility, flexibility, quality, and equity in curricular offerings for students in Idaho. Their mission is to serve the students, school […]