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This year you will begin thinking about your plans for high school and life after graduation. Every career exploration and development activity you’ve completed to this point has helped prepare you for high school. Now, you will take a deeper look into what the next four years and beyond might look like. Throughout this process, work to be honest with yourself about who you are, what your interests, strengths, likes and even dislikes are, as well as who you want to be.

Depending on your school district, the process to complete your High School Learning Plan may look slightly different from one school and student to the next. Double-check with your homeroom/advisory teacher when and how you should complete your High School Learning Plan. We encourage you to review your high school course catalog and high school graduation requirements before trying to choose your classes during the next few years.

Your plans and journey will evolve as you experience and learn new things over the course of your high school career. Be prepared to update this plan every year. It’s natural and expected that you will change your mind a couple, if not many times, about your goals before high school graduation. Use these activities to reflect on what you’d like your future to hold.

You’ve got this!