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Direct Admissions

The Direct Admissions initiative proactively admits all Idaho public high school seniors to a minimum of 6 in-state colleges and universities each year.

Proactive Admission

Established to give more young Idahoans the opportunity to obtain a professional certificate or accredited degree, this initiative removes barriers and encourages high school graduates to extend their training before entering the workforce. 

Idaho was the first U.S. state to offer Direct Admissions. Similar programs are now being implemented across the nation. 


Each fall, high school seniors are notified of their acceptance and encouraged to research the academic and professional-technical programs offered throughout the state’s community colleges and four-year institutions. 

A Board-approved benchmark will determine a student’s admission eligibility. (See ID SBOE policy 3Q.)

Students receive their Direct Admissions invitation by mail or can access it by creating an Apply Idaho account. If problems or questions arise, students are encouraged to contact their school counselor. 

Interested students MUST complete an admission application to the institution of their choice by June 30.  Applications are free when students use Apply Idaho.




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