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Credit for Prior Learning

Idaho colleges and universities may offer credits for skills you gained through work or military experience. Using this tool can help you save money and finish school more quickly.

Get Credit for What You’ve Learned

Credit for prior learning is just what it sounds like: The opportunity to get college credit for work or military experience where you gained college-level training and can demonstrate expertise.

Colleges and universities usually have a standard process for applying for this type of credit that may include:

  1. Submitting application paperwork
  2. Demonstrating your knowledge through testing or submission of a portfolio that shows your work in the area
  3. Having your work reviewed by a committee of faculty in the department where you are seeking credit
  4. Paying a small transcription fee for each credit awarded

Getting credit for your work experience can help reduce the amount of time you need to complete a degree and save you money (since you’ll just pay the administrative fees) but colleges do place limits on how many credits you can earn this way so check with the Registrars Office at the institution you plan to attend for specific rules and processes.