Apply Idaho: 8 Colleges & Universities, 1 Application

Coming Soon: Apply Idaho, which is expected to launch in September 2017, allows students to submit their applications to up to all eight of Idaho’s public colleges and universities in one fell swoop. Check out the videos for students and parents, located on the right side of the page, to learn more about how Apply Idaho works.

Next Steps Toolkit – Images

Next Steps Idaho images are intended for school e-newsletters or other promotional materials. These feature Idaho middle and high school students and can be used in printed or digital materials produced by schools to promote Next Steps Idaho as a resource for students and families.

Next Steps Toolkit – Web Banners

The Next Steps web banner ads are for use on school websites or to be distributed to community partners (media, libraries, nonprofits, other community organizations) that help students and families plan for the future. There are two ad sets: one for websites students might visit and one for websites parents, families, and educators might visit.

Next Steps Marketing Toolkit

In 2015, the Idaho State Board of Education launched this website to provide easily accessible, Idaho-focused information about postsecondary options for Idaho students. This site helps connect students and their families with resources that help students prepare for life after high school. These files, which provide print and digital marketing assets, can help your school or district promote the site and encourage use of Next Steps Idaho by school staff, students, and families.

Idaho Public TV: Journey to Education

Working with the State Board of Education, Idaho Public Television has produced a series stories from real-life Idaho high school graduates, who talk about how they weighed their options for life after high school and arrived at a decision. These vignettes help give students ideas about some of the choices they might make to continue their education and choose a career.

Idaho College Cost Comparison Chart

Idaho College & University Annual Sticker Prices, Estimated for 2016-17: School In-State, Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Books & Supplies Estimated Room & Board Total Base Cost Boise State University $7,354 $1,200 $7,780 $16,334 College of Southern Idaho $3,900 $888 $5,500 $10,288 College of Western Idaho $4,264 $888 N/A $5,152 Eastern Idaho Technical College $7,180 […]