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How to Plan for a College Visit

College tours and weekend visits can help you evaluate some of the factors you can't assess by reading school brochures and websites. Make the most of them by planning ahead so you know what to look for once you’re there.

Before You Go

  • Look into scheduling a visit during a preview weekend, when the college or university will have planned activities for prospective students, and you may even be able to stay on campus with current students. Consider a virtual tour if visiting isn’t possible.
  • Think about the things you want in an ideal college, make a list to take along with you so you’ll remember to look for these things (location, living options, student activities, degree programs offered, community amenities, costs, etc.).
  • If you’re not planning to visit during a planned preview event, schedule an appointment with an admissions officer to get all of your questions answered by an authoritative source.
  • Consider contacting the department where you might want to study and find out if you can sit in on a class while you are visiting.
  • Schedule a campus tour.
  • Look at the campus events calendar online to see what extracurricular or athletic events are happening while you’re visiting, and plan to attend one you think you might enjoy.
  • Plan to spend some time off-campus, learning about the community. Visit shops and restaurants, and attend a community event, if possible. You’re visiting the place you may end up living for the next 4-5 years, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit!

Once You Arrive – Things to Look For

  • Visit the financial aid office to pick up any forms you might need, and to ask questions you might have about assistance.
  • Grab the student newspaper to learn about current events on campus and to find out more about the campus culture.
  • Think about your plans to get around campus and the community: is there adequate transportation and/or parking for your lifestyle?
  • Check out campus bulletin boards and check out what students are doing during your visit to see if the activities match your interests.
  • Visit all of the campus housing options to see which would be the best fit for you. Stay overnight at one, if possible.
  • Visit the places where students hang out on campus: libraries, student union building, and other gathering places where you can get a feel for the campus vibe.
  • Talk to students and find out what they like about the school, and if there are any shortcomings you might want to consider. Ask why they chose to attend, what kinds of things there are to do on the weekends, and any other questions that might help you make a decision.
  • Talk to professors to see what they think about the opportunities you might be able to take advantage of considering the course of study you plan to pursue. What’s the department like, how much access would you have to help from faculty, are there extracurricular clubs or honor societies you could join related to your major, are there opportunities to study abroad?
  • Check out the health and wellness facilities to see what kinds of amenities are available.


Choosing a College

You've got lots of options and probably many questions about what's out there and how to pick the program and school that's right for you. These resources can help.

Start Here

The Campus Visit Office at the University of Idaho is excited to be hosting guided campus tours Monday through Friday at 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. (PT).

Look up tour guides, travel tips, and information about Moscow and learn the rules for walk-in visitors. Choose between a daily campus visit, group visit, or a visit to the College of Graduate Studies.

Campus visits are being scheduled Monday-Friday at ISU. Schedule your visit when classes are in session to see what the college has to offer you.

Consider visiting the ISU College of Technology, too!


BSU offers a self-guided tour option, complete with an interactive map and loads of must-know facts. Tours are available every weekday and even some Saturdays. A typical walking tour lasts about 90-minutes and groups are limited to 20 people.

Get to know the campus culture and explore life at Lewis-Clark State College! Choose from an individual visit, group visit, Saturday visit, and K-6th grade visit. Families are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

Individual tours are currently available in person with 24 hours’ notice. Each campus tour allows for one party (family/friends) not to exceed 4 people. Masks and social distancing are required. Tours are limited on a daily basis Monday through Friday. Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations for their tour should also contact the Disability Support Services.

You are invited to a personalized tour of the CWI campus location of your choice to learn what it’s like to be a student at CWI. Meet CWI tour guides; get information about financial aid and scholarship opportunities; experience CWI student life, support services, classrooms, labs, and more.

Take an individual tour, group tour, or a Vet Tech tour. Campus tours are one hour long and include the main circle of the Twin Falls campus. Most campus tours are led by a CSI Student Ambassador and include the Student Union, gym, library, classrooms, and some of CSI’s Career Technical Education programs. Upon request, you can also see CSI’s student housing options.

To sign up for a tour on the CEI website go to

  • Select “Apply Now” in the bottom blue bar
  • On the new screen select “EVENTS” in the top blue bar
  • On the next page scroll to the bottom and select “Tour”
  • On this screen, you can register for a tour

Or call 208-524-3000 ext.4 and a CEI admissions expert will be happy to schedule your tour.

Take it all in and experience NNU in person! Visit options include a campus tour, or meeting with an admissions counselor or professor in your area of interest.

In-person campus visits have resumed. The total number of each group of visitors to campus is limited to 10 at a time, so visiting students should plan for no more than one guest to accompany them. Appropriate physical distancing and precautionary measures will be observed. Schedule your visit now.

BYU-Idaho offers tours tailored to specific audiences including prospective students, admitted students, and public tours for elementary school groups, alumni and family, community members, and families of current students.

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