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Community Education & Workforce Training Centers

Get job-specific training at Idaho's community and technical colleges to prepare for or advance your career.

Get the Skills You Need, Now

Idaho’s community and technical colleges house our state’s Workforce Training Centers (WTC), where you can find skill- or industry-specific training to launch or advance your career. WTC program offerings are often driven by industry demand and even designed with help from employers. Thanks to this close partnership between education and business, you can find cutting-edge, in-demand training opportunities at these schools.

Some programs lead to an industry-recognized credential while others offer the option to take a single class on a very finite topic.

For example:

  • Within the Health Professions department, you can work towards a CNA or EMT certification, all through the WTC.
  • You can also take a class or two on best-practices in human resources or brush up on your bookkeeping or sales skills with the Professional Development offerings.

At all of Idaho’s public schools, community education programs also provide opportunities for Idahoans to expand their horizons, pursue hobbies, and in general explore new things through formal training. Community education classes cover everything from bread baking, to forestry, to photography.

Fees for most programs are charged by class taken, rather than by credit hour (like on the degree-seeking side of community colleges) or with set tuition (like at 4-year colleges). If you’re considering training that falls under the Trades & Industry category, you’ll also want to get more information about how much you might need to spend on tools and supplies. College entrance exams are not required for application to these programs.



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