College Application Week, October 2019 – Pick your week!

College Application Week is a nationwide program to help every high school student apply for a postsecondary degree. Join the fun, and help your seniors prepare for the next step in their educational journey!

College Application Week is most successful with a committed coordinator (or two!) at each site.  We recommend that coordinators work with a dedicated team of colleagues, volunteers and students to develop a College Application Week event that is unique to the needs and interests of your community.

As with most things, a successful College Application Week event is about being prepared.  The coordinator resources are designed to help you and your students to be as prepared as possible for your event.

New This Year – October is Next Steps Month and schools participating in Idaho College Application Week can choose a week during the month to host application events.

For questions, contact Dana Kelly, Student Affairs Program Manager at (208) 332-1574 or by email.

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