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College Application Month

College Application Week is part of the American College Application Campaign, a nationwide initiative to increase the number of low-income and first-generation students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credentials.

When Is College Application Month?

Host sites hold College Application events in October. To learn about events hosted in your area, contact Dana Kelly, the Student Affairs Program Manager at the Office of the Idaho State Board of Education.


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What does a host site need to participate?

  • Computers for students to use during the event(s)
  • A site coordinator to serve as point person and organizer of the event
  • Volunteers to assist students
  • A strategy to collect data—from student attendance to the number of applications submitted


What else can host sites do?

  • Organize a planning committee to help implement and promote the event.
  • Host other continuing education activities during the weeks leading up to the event.
  • Distribute the Apply Yourself Student Guide to make sure students are prepared to submit their applications


How can I get support for my event?

Register to get free access to promotional materials and support from IACRO members from around the state.


College Application Month Resources

These tools span up-to-date reports on the Idaho postsecondary landscape, the College Application Month experience from the POV of an Idaho counselor, and a helpful PDF tracker for students. Please share your success stories with Next Steps Idaho. Happy Applying!