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As an educator, you are dedicated to helping your students graduate and make a successful transition to college, career, and life. Next Steps Idaho has information, tools, and activities to help you guide students through each step of the “planning your future” process.

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There are many tools you can use to discuss college and career planning topics with your students and help them through the process. Here are some of the best tools available for your use, specifically developed with Idaho students in mind.
These handy guides offer an overview of the most important things students should be thinking about before they talk with their counselors and teachers. Make them available to your students as a way to prepare for their next meeting with you.
Find meeting minutes, higher-ed admissions presentations, and recent editions of the Next Steps newsletter or newsflash.
Direct Admissions proactively admits Idaho public high school seniors to the state’s public higher education institutions. Learn more about the Apply Idaho college application, including new information about the additional essay questions required by some colleges.
Counselors: use this online resource to track your students’ FAFSA progress. You’ll be able to see when students start an application, submit the form, and complete the process.
Some of the most popular Next Steps Idaho resources can be found in Spanish! Use these grade-level checklists and conversation guides to help plan for the future.
Each grade-level landing page offers downloadable checklists with an overview of key milestones, tips, and to-dos to keep students on the right track toward graduation, college, and career.
Idahoans can match their current skills to what employers across the state need and apply for training funds to build their skills.
In Idaho, public school students are required to take college placement exams—either the SAT, ACT or Compass —before the end of their 11th-grade year. This resource offers an explanation of the key differences between these tests and provides links for study tools.
Get information about the College and Career Advising Program and other important topics from the Office of the State Board of Education.
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Life Costs Money. How Much,You Ask…?

New pick-up truck? Their own apartment? Help students explore the lifestyle they want, find the careers and jobs that can support that lifestyle, and get the training they might need for those careers.
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Careers That Fit You.

Have students take this quick quiz that's all about them—their interests and strengths. The results will show careers they may want to consider based on who they are and where they want to go.

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