Idaho Career Information System Gets a New Look

Idaho’s Career Information System has officially moved to the Idaho State Board of Education office, and the Next Steps Idaho website. You’ll find a fresh new look and feel, improved navigation, and new resources for students and educators.



What’s new?

CIS is now integrated with Clever for easy Single Sign-On

  • Students can use Clever to directly login to CIS without ever having to enter their username and password. Best of all, this integration is available at no additional cost to schools.

Accessibility Improvements

  • CIS is 508 Compliant
  • CIS is WCAG compliant, and we continue to raise our WCAG compliancy to higher levels

Learning Styles Survey

  • Reading level is now 6th grade
  • Survey items have been updated

Coming Later This Fall

Custom Personal Learning Plan

  • Dynamic approach to the Personal Learning Plan that allows customization and reporting
  • Provides flexibility in components and structure

Spanish Language Resources

  • Learning Styles Survey


The focus of the Idaho CIS curriculum is to help teachers and counselors center their career development and exploration classroom activities to the 8th Grade Plan. Through these activities, school staff can help students make progress in their CIS Personal Learning Plan starting as early as grade 8 and all the way through high school graduation. CIS curriculum can be sorted in logical steps appropriate for each grade level. If you are looking for the most effective way to implement CIS curriculum into your classrooms, contact CIS staff for an implementation plan for your school.