The Cost(s) of Education & Training

Education and training often come with a variety of expenses. Begin your financial aid journey by examining the potential costs that you’ll be expected to pay and the language your institution will use to explain their price.

What will it cost? Where will the money come from?

Costs depend on where you go.

  • Private schools tend to cost more than state schools
  • State universities tend to cost more than state colleges
  • Apprenticeships are a way to learn on the job, while still earning a paycheck
  • Idaho Workforce Training Centers offer short-term classes, certificate courses, and career training with a variety of accessible cost structures
  • Proprietary schools are non-degree granting schools for industries like taxidermy, equine dentistry, gunsmithing, phlebotomy, truck driving, electrical linework, massage and more. Costs vary widely depending on the discipline and the length of the program.

For students interested in a 4-year degree:
To save money, complete the first two years of your Bachelor’s degree at a state college then finish the second two years at a state university!

Understand Your Bill

Where You Go

How You Pay

Weigh Your Options

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Explore Other Financial Aid Topics

Use Next Steps Idaho resources to understand the cost of your education or training and the financial aid that may be available to you.
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