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There’s something waiting for you at the University of Idaho. We call it your breakthrough — when the light sparks on and your world opens.

Your moment could hit as you plant seedlings in our experimental forest. Work with our coffee-making robot. Cheer on football beneath our iconic Kibbie Dome. Or, study with friends on our classic campus nestled between mountains and prairie.

Whatever your breakthrough is, you’ll discover it here. With renowned faculty and students from all over the world, you’ll venture outside your comfort zone with unexpected experiences, new friends and inspiring perspectives.


Quick Links & Contact Information

Information for incoming freshman:

Admissions Office
(208) 885-6326

Office of the Registrar
(208) 885-6731

Financial Aid Office
(208) 885-6312

Dean of Students Office
(208) 885-6757



I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

You can speak to one of our staff members Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time by calling (208)885-6326. You can e-mail our staff at

What grade point average (GPA) is required?
We have a sliding scale that considers both GPA and ACT or SAT scores. You can see our academic requirements at

Will I need to take any examinations for class placement? If so how do I do that?

Prerequisites for registration in lower-division Chemistry, English, Math, and Modern Language classes are based upon minimum exam scores as well as prior classes completed. Students should submit ACT, SAT, and College Board AP exam scores to the Admissions Office for inclusion with their application. English and Modern Languages offer placement exams for their subjects. Students should discuss placement with their academic advisors to ensure they are meeting their degree requirements and registering for the appropriate classes.

More information on placement exams can be found at

What are the deadlines for application?

Students are encouraged to submit their applications and all supporting documents by December 1st to meet the priority financial aid and scholarship date. However, applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis until the beginning of each semester.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

Students will be notified that a decision has been made via e-mail and can check their application portal to view the decision and the admission letter. The official admission letter will go out via mail the day after the decision is made.

How do I apply if I have a GED?

GED holders can apply for admission through our Admissions Committee by providing a copy of the GED results, ACT or SAT scores, a student statement describing their educational background and goals, and 3 letters of recommendation from those who can attest to the student’s academic ability. The Committee meets on a regular basis throughout each semester/term.

How (and where) do I send my transcript to college(s)?

Transcripts should be sent via mail to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the following address:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4264
Moscow, ID 83844-4264


Transcripts can be sent via an approved secure electronic service such as National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment to

Will college entrance exams be required for the 2021-2022 incoming freshman applicants? If so, what exams are accepted?

New first-year students entering in 2021 who are unable to sit for an ACT or SAT exam due to COVID-19 will automatically be considered for admission if their cumulative unweighted GPA is 2.60-4.00. Those who have below a 2.60 cumulative GPA who are unable to sit for an exam are welcome to appeal through our Admissions Committee. Every student who has a test score is encouraged to provide it for admission as well as class placement. Those without test scores can read about the required exams for class placement above.

I want to talk to a real person about dual credit transcripts. Who can I email or call?

The transfer team in our Registrar’s Office is happy to assist with any questions regarding previous credits earned. They can be contacted at 208-885-6731 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time or by e-mail at

How do I request a dual credit transcript?

Students should contact each school where dual credit has been earned and order an official transcript to be sent. Most institutions have this option available online on their Registrar’s Office webpage. For students who have earned dual credit through the University of Idaho, full information on ordering official transcripts can be found at

How much will each official transcript cost?

Cost varies by institution, so students are encouraged to contact the schools where they have earned credit or check their Registrar’s Office webpage for further information.

How do I pay for my transcript?

Payment can be made online at most institutions at the time of ordering the transcript. Full information for those ordering official transcripts from the University of Idaho can be found at

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Office of Admissions
phone: (208) 885-6163

Where is this information on your website?

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

You can speak one of our staff members M-F from 9:30 to 5:00 (Pacific time) by calling 208-885-6312.  You can also send an email for follow up from our staff to

How do I apply for scholarships at your school?

There is no separate scholarship application at the University of Idaho.  Simply by being an admitted student, you’ll be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible!

What are the scholarship deadlines and award dates?

Our FAFSA priority date is December 1st, to ensure you have the most eligibility for financial aid.

Am I eligible for scholarships if I miss the priority deadline?

Yes!  Although our December 1st date will ensure you are considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible, many scholarships – including our guaranteed funding-level scholarships – are still available after December 1st.

Is there a list of scholarships that I can apply to?

By being an admitted student,  you are automatically considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible – there is no need to worry that you might have missed applying for a scholarship!

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

The University of Idaho Campus Visit Office is happy to assist with your Future Vandal questions and needs! Our staff can be reached at 208-885-6163 or

Can I visit your campus in person?

The University of Idaho offers several campus visit options so you can experience what it means to be a Vandal! From specialty events to daily campus visits we have the options that fits you best. Please visit: to explore and register for our upcoming visit options.

Are you holding any virtual tours or events for incoming students? Where can I find that information?

Explore campus via or Virtual Campus Tour, set up a virtual meeting with one of our Admission Counselors, or take a 360 tour of one of our residence halls. The University of Idaho offers an array of virtual options for Future Vandals! Visit for our current virtual visit options.

I want to stay in the know. Where can I find your institution on social media?

To get the latest University of Idaho updates as soon as they happen find us on:

Where can students explore your curriculum and course offerings?

You can explore all of the University of Idaho course offerings by visiting our Degree Finder tool at: This tool allows you to browse our degree options, view degree roadmaps, learn about degree fit and even explore possible career outcomes!

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

You can call or email Ellamae Burnell directly with questions on New Student Orientation.

She can be reached by phone at (208) 885-6163 or .

For questions on course registration, you can connect with your Admissions Counselor. Individual contact information can be found at

Is student orientation required? If so, how will it be delivered and when?

For Fall 2020, Orientation is not required but highly encouraged for New Students. This year, orientation will be delivered virtually and in person. A complete schedule can be found at

Is there a cost for Orientation?

There is a cost associated with Orienation, which is rolled into the overall costs of attendance.

How will incoming freshman register for classes?

New freshmen will register for classes with their advisor—which is assigned based on their intended major. Students can start this process by completing the following form:

If my plans change does your institution allow enrollment deferments?

We do allow for deferments to future terms. Students are asked to complete a deferment form– or communicating directly with their Admissions Counselor.

If I qualify for a scholarship, can that scholarship be deferred and awarded when I enroll at a later date?

Scholarships and financial aid awarded for the original admission term are not guaranteed for future terms. Eligibility for scholarships and other financial aid will be recalculated based on the scholarship programs available and the FAFSA results at the time you declare your intent to enroll.

Where can information on requesting a deferment be found on your website?

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Residence Life
Phone: (208) 885-6571

Are there changes for campus housing deadlines?


Have housing refund deadlines been extended?

We will work with students on an individual basis.

Have sorority or fraternity recruitment schedules changed?


When do I need to select a food plan?

Prior to the start of the semester.