Idaho State University


Idaho State University, a Carnegie-classified doctoral research and teaching institution founded in 1901, attracts students from around the world to its Idaho campuses. At the main campus in Pocatello, and at locations in Meridian, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, ISU offers access to high-quality education in more than 250 programs. Almost 13,000 students attend ISU, receiving education and training in those programs. Idaho State University is the state’s designated lead institution in health professions and medical education.

ISU faculty and students are leading the way in cutting-edge research and innovative solutions in the areas of energy, health professions, nuclear research, teaching, humanities, engineering, performing and visual arts, technology, biological sciences, pharmacy and business. ISU combines exceptional academics amidst the grand natural beauty of the West. ISU is at the heart of an outdoor-lover’s paradise and a short drive to some of America’s greatest natural wonders and exciting outdoor recreation opportunities.


Quick Links & Contact Information

Information for incoming freshman:

Admissions Office
(208) 282-2475

Registrar’s Office
(208) 282-2661

Financial Aid Office
(208) 282-2756

New Student Services
(208) 282-2973



I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

phone: (208) 282-2622 or (208) 282-2123

How (and where) do I send my transcript to college(s)?

You can fax (208) 282-4511; mail through the Postal Mail Service; or email to

I applied but haven’t heard back from the admissions office. When will admitted students be notified?

You should hear within 7-10 business days.

Is it too late to apply to college?

No. The application deadline for Spring 2021 is January 1.

What college entrance exams are required for the 2020-2021 incoming freshman applicants?

ISU is seeking a waiver from the State Board of Education for the college entrance exam requirement for the 2020-2021 incoming freshman applicants.

I want to talk to a real person about dual credit transcripts. Who can I email or call?

Office of the Registrar
phone: 208-282-2661

When will I be able to request an official dual credit transcript?

Transcripts can be requested at any time. If students need a final transcript with graded spring 2020 courses, those will be available starting June 17, 2020.

How do I request a dual credit transcript?

Online and Mail. In-person pickup has been paused at this time.

How much will each official transcript cost?

Each transcript costs $10.

How do I pay for my transcript?

When requesting an official transcript, students will pay the clearinghouse with a debit or credit card.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

phone: (208) 282-4636


I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Financial Aid or Scholarships
Jody Finnegan (Financial Aid)
phone: (208) 282-2756

Deb Green (Scholarships)
phone: (208) 282-3315

Have there been any changes in financial aid deadlines or award dates, due to COVID-19?

Scholarship acceptance deadline moved from May 1 to July 1. Some of our scholarships through our BOSS system have changed their deadline to June 1.

Is it too late to complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)?


I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Admissions Visitor Center, Amanda Bullock
phone: (208) 282-1211

Where can students explore your curriculum and course offerings?

I want to stay in the know. Where can I find your institution on social media?

Are you holding any virtual tours or events for incoming students? Where can I find that information?

Yes, on our visit page:

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Central Academic Advising, Corey Zink
phone: (208) 282-3277

How will incoming freshmen register for classes?

They will be contacted by their academic advisor to do a one-on-one session to register for classes.

If my plans to start school this fall change, will I receive a refund for any deposits I have made?

It is on a case-by-case basis.

Is student orientation required? If so, how will it be delivered and when?

Yes; the plan is to have it on campus August 13-16.

Will classes be held on campus this fall?

Yes, that is the plan now.

Will there be summer classes? If so, will they be online or in person?

Yes. There will be both. Fully online the first part of summer and move to in-person starting in July.

Does your institution allow deferments?

Yes, ISU allows deferments!

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, if a student opted to go to a school closer to home for the first semester or year, can they still use their deferment next year?

Students can defer their admission for a year. However, if they attend a different institution during that year they would then be considered a transfer student. We would then evaluate them off of their transfer work.

I want to talk to a real person, who can I email or call?

Housing, Craig Thompson
phone: (208) 282-2120

Are there changes for campus housing deadlines?

No, but we are flexible.

Have housing refund deadlines been extended?

On a case-by-case basis. Contact housing at (208) 282-2120

Have sorority or fraternity recruitment schedules changed?


When do I need to select a food plan?

You pick it on your housing application – so when you apply for housing, but you can adjust it at any time.