Changing Your Career

A new career can be life-changing. Along the way, you’re likely to do some self-examination, research and planning, and perhaps additional schooling or training. Use the career tools and resources on this site to learn, plan, and then take a leap.

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Embrace Change

People Successfully Change Careers All the Time. So Can You.

Like life, a career transition can sometimes be a bit messy and is a uniquely personal experience. People go about it in different ways and there isn’t a single foolproof plan or linear approach you must follow. But there are some things you can be sure of.

There are jobs and professions you would be good at that you may not know exist. You can learn about them by reading, talking with people, and job shadowing. Know that you have unprecedented access to information and career development resources (including a lot of carefully selected content and tools on this site), all of which can make this process less scary. To get where you want to go doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school and getting a degree (though it might). There are so many ways to upskill: taking a class or two, pursuing a certification, or becoming an intern or apprentice. The choice is yours. 

Remember: if a career change doesn’t result in the job of your dreams, all is not lost. You will gain knowledge, experience, and growth, all of which prepare you for your next job.

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Self-Assessment & Planning Tools

Career Change Homework!

You might be feeling the urge to jump, but how do you know what your next move should be and if it will truly be a better fit? Think about who you are, what is important to you, and how a new career could bring out your best self. Leverage these self-assessment tools to help clarify your interests, values, strengths, and workplace preferences. Then explore the recommended (corresponding) careers.

Evaluate Your Career & Plan for What’s Next

Write them down.

Make some notes about what you like about your job and what you don’t. Consider the tasks you do at work, as well as your workplace’s environment and culture. What makes you happy at work and what makes you anxious? Need help? Take the Work Values quiz.

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