• Complete the financial aid process.

    Review and compare financial aid packages offered by the schools you’ve applied to with your family. Be sure you understand each type of aid offered.

    Remember to think about the net cost of college: the difference between the “sticker” price (full cost) to attend a specific college, minus any grants and scholarships you've been awarded.

    Next Steps

    • Schedule an appointment or call the financial aid directors at these schools if you have questions.
    • Once you make a decision, don’t forget to sign the financial aid award letter and return it by the deadline.
    • Notify the financial aid office of any scholarships that you are receiving.
    • Complete any separate applications for loans you decide to accept.
  • Decision time!

    Open and read ALL of your snail mail and email. You should be hearing from colleges in March and April.

    After you receive letters of acceptance and financial aid awards, decide which school or program you’ll attend and then follow through on these important post-acceptance tasks.

    Next Steps

    • Submit your acceptance form and deposit check as soon as possible. Once you accept an offer, you should receive information from the college about course scheduling, orientation sessions, housing arrangements, and other necessary forms. Pay attention to all deadlines and make sure that your applications are sent in on time.
    • Ask about campus housing deadlines, specifically, because on-campus student housing often fills up quickly.
    • Decline offers received from other institutions or organizations in writing.
    • Participate in orientation programs for incoming freshmen offered by the school of your choice.
    • Prepare for any last standardized tests. You may be taking AP or CLEP tests to earn college credits as the school year winds down.
  • Reflect. Be proud. Celebrate!

    You did it. Four years of hard work and planning has led to you becoming a high school graduate.

    Go out feeling good about your senior year with good grades and great memories.

    Next Steps

    • Thank your teachers, counselors and mentors for all their support and guidance.
    • Spend quality time with friends who might be going off to different schools or other opportunities next year.
    • Put on your cap and gown and enjoy graduation day!
    • Celebrate…safely and respectfully.