Direct Admissions – Guide for Families

In late September, your high school senior will receive a letter from the State Board of Education. This letter will notify you which Idaho colleges and/or universities have accepted your student based on his/her grades and SAT/ACT scores. Parents will receive reminder letters in October.

Course Transfer Idaho

The Course Transfer website was developed by the Idaho State Board of Education, community colleges, and state universities and is designed to help students navigate college course transfer between Idaho’s public institutions. The website supports course equivalency searches, GEM course information, and AP test equivalency.

Next Steps Admissions Tracker

Use this tracker to manage application deadlines for apprenticeship programs, college or training program admissions, or military service. You can include deadlines for financial aid,  scholarships, and letters of recommendation. Update this tracker when you submit each form and confirm with your counselor that transcripts, test scores and recommendations have all been submitted.