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Think 30: On Time, On Track

To graduate from a traditional 4- or 2-year degree-seeking track on-time, students are encouraged to complete 30 credits per year. Staying on track helps reduce the cost of college and can make you more successful.

Finish On-Time

Whether you’re taking 15 credits each semester, or utilizing winter and summer breaks, getting to a total of 30 per year will help you complete an associate degree in two years or a bachelor’s degree in four years.

  • Reduces the cost of college – paying for your degree in two or  four years saves you from spending extra on tuition and living expenses (most associate degrees require 60 credits while bachelor’s degrees require 120), which means you’ll accumulate less debt if you’re taking out student loans
  • Institutions (usually) only charge full-time students for 12 or more credits – that means you’re getting a better deal if you take 15 or more per semester.
  • There’s evidence that taking 30 credits per year leads to higher GPAs and lower dropout rates.
  • You can start working and earning money faster.

Compare degrees and the required classes you’ll need to take for each. Think carefully about workload and talk to an admissions advisor to make sure you balance the course expectations across time (you may want to avoid scheduling more than 2 lab classes a semester, for instance.)

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