How to Talk to Your High School Counselor About College

Your counselor is there to make sure you get the answers you need. Meet with the counselor several times each year to discuss career paths and college or technical training options. If you have specific questions prepared each time, you’ll walk away with more usable information and specific tasks.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you researched which classes might help you get into the college you want to attend? Or which might be helpful to prepare you for the subject you might want to study?
  • Do you have a plan to fit all of the required classes into your schedule before graduation?
  • Do you have room for elective courses that might help you get into college or win scholarship awards? Do you have questions about what those might be?
  • Are you interested in taking advanced placement or dual enrollment classes to earn college credits while you’re in high school?
  • Are you planning to take the ACT or the SAT (or both)?
  • Have you checked out any of the materials that are available to help you prepare for standardized tests?
  • Do you understand the college applications process, or do you need help?
  • Do you know what your GPA needs to be to get into college? Do you need help finding information about improving your GPA, or what options might be available if yours is a bit lower than you’d like?
  • Have you done much research about colleges you might like to attend?
  • Have you considered how you will pay for college?
  • What things, outside of getting good grades, have you been doing to make yourself a good applicant for colleges and scholarships?