How to Talk to Your Middle School Counselor About College

Regular, one-on-one conversations with a mentor will make all the difference as you plan for life after high school. Consider these questions before you meet with your counselor and show up prepared for your next step.

Ask yourself:

  • When you think about your future, what seems most important to you?
  • Do you have a particular career in mind, a place you want to live, or a lifestyle you want to lead?
  • Are you interested in taking advanced placement or dual enrollment classes to earn college credits while you’re in high school?
  • What kinds of subjects do you enjoy the most, and do you think you might want to study that in college?
  • Do you understand the requirements to graduate from high school, and what extra steps you need to take to apply to college?
  • Do you have some ideas about how you can pay for college?
  • If you aren’t planning to go to college, what would you like to do after high school? What questions do you have about how you can achieve your goals?