Get Ready

The more activities you complete, the better prepared you’ll be. By completing even 5 of them, you’ll be that much closer to having a plan for life after high school! #Take5Idaho #NextStepsMonth.



Complete the Work Values inventory to discover what kind of work environment and office culture will best match up with your personal values.

Learn about how you can start earning micro-scholarships from colleges (as early as 9th grade) by cataloging your high school achievements. 

Check out scholarship opportunities offered by the Idaho State Board of Education and figure out which one (or more) you’re eligible to apply for.

Create a FAFSA ID so you can electronically sign and submit your financial aid application when it’s complete.

Look at the Next Steps calendar and find a college or career exploration event you might want to attend. Put it in your phone calendar and invite your family to join you.

Consider the questions you might want to ask your counselor.



Visit your Next Steps (grade-level specific) pathway plans. Pick one career or college exploration activity to complete.

Take the Future Finder quiz to learn how your skills and interests might translate to a career.

Take the Learning Styles Survey to find out how you learn best. The results can help you study more productively.

Submit a college application to one or more Idaho colleges and universities.

Apply for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship.

Learn about college costs and your options for paying for college.

Review the page for your grade-level on the Next Steps website. Download the checklist to see what else you might want to do to stay on track.

Search for apprenticeship opportunities in your area.

Learn about Career & Technical Education. Find out if there’s a program that interests you.

Have you asked yourself, “How do I decide what to do after high school?” If so, review this advice on the Next Steps website.

Search careers that interest you. Learn about the training you’ll need, understand earning potential and find job openings in Idaho.

Beef up your resume and/or scholarship applications. Find one volunteer opportunity in your area that might be of interest to you.

Consider the military and if it might be a good fit for you by learning about the careers and training available.

Review your course plan/transcript and Idaho’s graduation requirements to double-check that you’re on course to graduate on time.

Locate your EDUID# by talking to your counselor (you need this to apply to college using the Next Steps website).



Check out Khan Academy and how their free resources can help you study for the SAT.

Fill out the FAFSA.

Start writing your resume.

Read these cover letter writing tips. Start thinking about how you might turn your experience into a story that will make future employers want to meet you.

Explore your college options in Idaho using the Next Steps Colleges Directory. Pick two schools you might be interested in attending.

Talk to your counselor about what you are planning for your future. Use our guide as a starting point.


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