Idaho Public TV: Journey to Education

Working with the State Board of Education, Idaho Public Television has produced a series stories from real-life Idaho high school graduates, who talk about how they weighed their options for life after high school and arrived at a decision. These vignettes help give students ideas about some of the choices they might make to continue their education and choose a career.

Journey to College
Share these stories from kids across Idaho who’ve decided to go to college with your students and use lesson plans developed by the Idaho State Board of Education, Idaho Department of Labor – utilizing the Next Steps College and Career Readiness Resources and Idaho Public Television tools to help guide classroom discussions.

Available lesson plans and videos:


Journey to Career
There are many different ways for high school graduates to get training for the job of their choice. Outside of traditional education at colleges and universities, Idaho’s students can also access top-notch training at our state’s career technical colleges.

This series focuses on students at a handful of Idaho’s technical colleges who explain why they chose a technical college and what they believe it offers them as they look to a future career. Whether students are interested in the medical field, law enforcement, aquaculture, or computer sciences, Idaho’s technical colleges offer a wide variety of options to those who are focused on a specific career.