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Evaluating Your Career

Pursuing education and career advancement is a lifelong journey. But how often should you consider making a change and how do you know if you're on the right track?

Find Fulfillment

It may seem like career evaluation or taking stock of whether you’re happy and fulfilled in your job is something for “other people”.  No matter what you’re doing, you should regularly take some time to think about whether you are where you want to be. You deserve it.

In most jobs, you’re likely to have a scheduled annual review with your supervisor. They may be reviewing what you’ve accomplished, how reliable you are, and how you work with other team members. But you can use this time each year to think about whether you have learned anything new in the last year, been given the opportunity to grow, taken on new responsibilities, and if you have the support you feel you need in your job.

Take some time to:

  • Write down your thoughts, such as what you like about your job and what you don’t
  • Take a few skills and interest quizzes to see what else might interest you
  • Do some research based on your quiz results—get a sense of what’s out there
  • Find a training opportunity to improve the skills you need for your current job or one may want in the future
  • Find a career advisor who can help you consider your options or plan your next steps
  • Explore work-based learning opportunities
  • Ask for an informational interview at a company that interests you or with someone in a role you aspire to have

Find ideas for journaling prompts and learn about what you need to be happy at work, using the links at left.

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