Idaho College Acceptance Letter — What do I do next?

In late September, you will receive a letter from the State Board of Education. This letter will tell you which Idaho colleges and/or universities have accepted you based on your grades and SAT/ACT scores. Your parents will also receive a reminder letter in October.


But you’re not done yet. Next, you will need do some research on which of your options is the best fit for what you want to study and what kind of college community fits you best. We’ve put together an Idaho Colleges Directory to help you learn more about our public institutions.

Once you’ve decided which school you want to attend, you’ll need to submit an application, even though you’ve been accepted. Using the Apply Idaho application, you can apply to the Idaho colleges of your choice for FREE. To start, you’ll need to register using your EDUID number, which may be your student ID. If you’re unsure of this number, ask your counselor for help. You will also need a personal email address (not the one given to you by your school).

While your letter will hold your seat for the fall of 2020 you still need to submit your application and required information and, of course, graduate from high school! To take advantage of your pre-acceptance offer, you must submit all application materials by June 30, 2020.

No matter which letter you get, you still have the option to apply to any or all of Idaho’s public colleges and universities under normal deadlines and be considered alongside all other in-state and out-of-state applicants.

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