College-Focused Lesson Plans and Activities

The following resources can assist teachers and other educators as they work to incorporate college awareness into both junior high and high school curricula.

College 101 Lesson Plans & Case Studies

The College Board provides several classroom resources that broadly address how students can prepare for college. Handouts, lesson plans, strategic planning tools, and counseling guides are all available.

NACAC Step-by-Step College Planning Guide

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), a non-profit professional organization for college advisers and counselors, offers a six-session curriculum aimed to start high school freshmen and sophomores on the path to college early. The content and activities focus on developing the idea that all students can be college bound and on laying out the logistical steps needed to reach college after graduation.

Financial Aid Lesson Plan

The Center for Educational Partnerships offers a free in-class game and lesson plan that helps students better understand the college financial aid process. Students either move forward or backward during play depending on the financial aid-related decisions they make for their future.

Navigating Educational Transitions

Students are best able to navigate educational transitions when they know what to expect. This lesson plan can be used to help high school students understand and prepare for the transition to college; it can also be used for junior high students preparing to transition to high school.

Student Education Pledge

Students can complete, sign, and post for classroom or school display a pledge to self-responsibility and education.